First Reading: Gn 41:55-57; 42:5-7a. 17-24a; Psalm: 33 R. v. 22; Gospel: Mt 10:1-7



FreeBibleimages :: Joseph meets his brothers when they visit Egypt to buy  grain. (Genesis 41:47-42:38) | Joseph's brothers, Visit egypt, Egypt

Joseph loved his brothers but when he was sold by them, he probably cursed that day and vowed not to forgive them. It can be distressing to be betrayed and cut off from the love of family. Joseph loved his father too. Benjamin was probably not born when Joseph was sold by his brothers. But Joseph had wished and loved to see Benjamin when he learnt he had a little brother. The abrupt separation of Joseph from his father and his little brother caused him so much distress and pain. But sometimes when unpleasant things happen to us, it could be a path to greater things to come.

Years later, when there was famine over the earth, the brothers of Joseph came to Egypt to buy some grains. The bitterness and thirst for revenge was reawakened in Joseph when he saw his brothers that he immediately put them in prison. But his love and desire to see Benjamin his little brother who played no part in his ordeal compelled him. He had missed his father and wished to see Benjamin. Perhaps it was for their sake that he released some grains to his brothers and set them free. But he confined one of his brothers pending on when Benjamin was brought to him. Maybe seeing Benjamin would soften his heart to forgive the rest of them. When Benjamin was eventually brought to Joseph; that very day Joseph wept, shared meal with his brothers and reconciled with them (Gn 43:16. 30).

If we are finding it difficult to forgive someone who has hurt us so much; we can try leveraging on the love we have for someone that we cherish so much. Sincere love conquers hatred. The innocence of Benjamin and the love Joseph had for him conquered the hatred that Joseph had natured for the rest of his brothers for years. The twelve apostles of Jesus may not have liked each other due to their backgrounds and differences. But their love for Jesus and his gospel compelled them. Those we have around us may not always be perfect but let our love for God and for those we cherish inspire us. Genuine love for a person can conquer hatred for numerous people.  


Lord Jesus, help us to love and overlook the shortcomings of one another so that we may spread your love everywhere we go. Amen.

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