First Reading: Ex 3:13-20; Psalm: 105 R. v. 8a; Gospel: Mt 11:28-30



Exodus 1-4 – The Story of Moses

When we recall clearly the story of Moses as a young man in Egypt and the abominable incident that made him flee from that land; we may begin to understand that part of what constituted his fear on returning back to Egypt was the danger awaiting him. Moses was a refugee who fled from Egypt for a crime of homicide. Although he was now a bit older when God called him to return to Egypt but apparently the fear was still there that the people may recognise him. Also, Moses knew that the Hebrews were stubborn and argumentative. He gave numerous excuses to prove to God why he shouldn’t go. But I AM THAT I AM assured him that he was with him and also gave him Aaron to accompany him.

Although Moses was burdened by doubt and fear but he believed that God was with him. This was his only confidence and the reason he accepted to go. He knew this assignment would be a difficult task but he believed that God will make the burden light for him. This faith of Moses is what Jesus demands from us in the gospel of today as he invites us to come to him with our burdens. Jesus promises to give us peace; for his yoke is easy and his burden is light.

God’s name – “I AM THAT I AM” is so assuring. With this name God re-echoes his omnipresence and eternality. This means that God is forever with us. So whenever we feel alone in our sufferings and challenges, we should remember who God is to us. We should not look at the bigness of our problems but the bigness of our God. The consciousness alone that God is greater than whatever life throws at us is enough to lighten and sooth the crushing effect of life’s challenges. Remember that God told Moses that the heart of Pharaoh will be hardened to his request but that Pharaoh would eventually succumb. God is not promising us an easy life. But he will definitely give us the strength to overcome our challenges.


Lord God, open our eyes to see that you are always with us in all situations and grant us the grace to trust in you. Lord, increase our faith. Amen.

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