First Reading: Is 60:1-6; Psalm: 72. R. v. 11; Second Reading: Eph 3:2-3a.5-6; Gospel: Mt 2:1-12



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The Epiphany narrative is a beautiful story on a winding course. It is a story that requires determination and courage for anyone who wishes to journey along with these Wise Men from the East. Epiphany is from the Greek word epiphaneia, meaning ‘manifestation.’ It celebrates the revelation or manifestation of Jesus Christ to the Gentile world. In this beautiful story, we see how God revealed his Son through a shining little star which necessitated the journey of the Wise Men to Jerusalem. Great dreams in life often start with a little spark of light. And to realise it, we have to follow with determination and courage.

It is worthy of note that the star which revealed the birth of the child Jesus was not only seen by the Wise Men. Stars naturally are meant to shine out for all to see. So when this special star appeared, it most likely was visible to those around the East. It is thought-provoking then that this very star was only understood by the Wise Men. No one sees our dreams in life as clearly as we do. Oftentimes people do not even see or understand our dreams alongside us. The Wise Men saw their dream in the star and this spurred their journey to Jerusalem. Believe, determination and courage propelled their wheel.

When they got to Jerusalem, they took a wrong route. They went to the king and asked, “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews?” The Wise Men presumed that if this child was a king, then he should be born in a palace. But they were wrong. There is always that point of crisis in pursuing our dreams in life. That moment we need someone to guide us a little; not because we do not know where we are going but because certain things impede our progress at that point in time and we need a little help to forge ahead. This help could be a piece of advice, financial assistance or some necessary connections.

But unfortunately, we can sometimes fall into a wrong hand in moments like this. We may come in contact with someone who wants to kill that dream but pretend to be helping. Herod was an example. We can also be lucky to meet those who will give us a little hint on how to get to our desired goal just like the chief priests and scribes who hinted on the prophecy of old.  

At this crossroads of our life, divergent opinions on what way to follow will be thrown at us. We can really be confused on what to do at this point. But we can find a way by emulating the Wise Men who did not bend their heads in discouragement and despair but looked up to the heavens with believe, determination and courage. And there they found their guiding star and their dreams came alive again. As we seek the help of people in actualising our dreams in life, we should never stop believing in ourselves. And ultimately, we should always look up to God with faith and courage. For God rekindles the hope of those who trusts and believes in him and guides them to achieving their goals in life.           

The journey of the Wise Men ended in joy. They rejoiced exceedingly when the star reappeared and finally led them to the baby Jesus. They worshipped the child and with joy and gratitude presented their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

It is very heuristic that this journey of the Wise Men was not a journey in search of earthly treasures. It was rather a journey in search of salvation, joy and fulfilment. It was also a journey to offer a gift, to serve and to worship. This is very instructive in a world where dreams are centred on riches. Our pursuit of wealth of which we need only a little of it have inadvertently rob us of what truly matters. Many have lost their lives, sacrificed their health, happiness and the sense of fulfilment in chasing after riches. A dream devoid of true joy and fulfilment is not worth it.

There are a lot of people today who find joy in their chosen professions. But sadly they do not get the support they need from parents and families who want to impose their thoughts and visions on them as though their own feelings do not matter. The same goes for marriage where a son or daughter is restricted to marry within the parameters of age, race, colour, tribe or tongue. We make marriage look so mechanical stripped of emotions and love. What keeps us going in life is when what we do and the life we live give us joy and fulfilment. Anything outside this causes sadness and depression.

The celebration of the Epiphany which is the manifestation of the child Jesus is for the world to rejoice for our salvation has come. God therefore is interested in our joy and salvation. We can all play a pivotal role in bringing about joy and fulfilment in the lives of one another. Instead of discouraging the dreams of that young mind; we can rather choose to be a guiding star.


Lord Jesus, grant us the trust and courage to follow the path you have prepared for us as we pursue our dreams in life. Amen.

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