ST BONAVENTURE, B.D. (Memorial) White

Bonaventure joined the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor at the age of 22 and became the General of the Order at the age of 36. He studied theology and philosophy in Paris. He spoke at the Council of Lyons as a Papal legate but died before its close. Following St Francis of Assisi, Bonaventure expressed charity, goodwill and affection towards others and was known as the Seraphic Doctor of the Church because he revealed warmth toward others as a divine fire.

Saint of the day: St. Bonaventure



First Reading: Gn 49:29-33; 50:15-26a; Psalm: 105 R. v. Ps 69:33; Gospel: Mt 10:24-33

It pleased Jacob to be reunited with his son Joseph whom he thought was dead after many years of his sad disappearance. Joseph had forgiven his brothers even before the death of his father Jacob. But when Jacob died, the brothers of Joseph became apprehensive again that Joseph might treat them harshly now that their father was no more. Jacob’s last request on his deathbed was that his body be taking home and buried among his fathers. But the brothers of Joseph thought it wise and safe to add one more request to their father’s wish to secure their safety. And so they decided they were going to tell Joseph that Jacob their father also asked that he forgave them for the wrong they did to him.

The last request of a dying old man was sacrosanct to the people of Israel and always respected. So what the brothers of Joseph did was the only way to guarantee their safety. Needless to say, we can see how emphatic the human conscience can be in judging us when we derail from right reason. And why we should be good to one another because there are so many surprises and turn arounds in the womb of time. The evil that we do can sometimes haunt us that even when forgiven we still feel unsafe. So, would it not be better we choose to be good and mean well for one another?

Indeed, just as Jesus said; “. . . nothing is covered that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.” No matter how hard we try to cover an evil act, our conscience will definitely betray us. The decisions we make today will come to haunt us tomorrow. Those we wished to destroy today may turn out to be our helper tomorrow. An action done in a split second can take several years and struggle to right the wrong. We can see that what bothered the brothers of Joseph was no longer a concern to Joseph. But his brothers were busy trying to clean their slates. If we make right decisions today; it will spare us a lot of worry and concern tomorrow.


Lord God, increase our desire to do good always. Amen.

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