First Reading: 1Jn 5:14-21; Psalm: 149 R. v. 4a; Gospel: Jn 2:1-11



Wedding at Cana

I suppose that those of us who love a glass of wine are familiar with the common axiom “The older the wine, the better.” Put differently, “Wine tastes better with age.” This axiom corresponds with the idea of Oscar Wilde, that “With age comes wisdom.” Sometimes, the better experiences of life come in the last hours; when all hope seems lost. The wedding at Cana is a good example. Just when the couple and guests thought that all hope was lost; that crisis was imminent, the better of what they lacked surfaced from nowhere.

In every Jewish feast, wine was essential. ‘Without wine,’ said the Rabbis, ‘there is no joy.’ So we can then understand what it means for this couple to run out of wine in the most important celebration of their life. Whatever must have prompted Mary to act quickly was something embarrassing. Probably, the guests were already grumbling and some leaving the venue. Mary intervened immediately and thankfully Jesus complied. And to the amazement of everyone, the steward of the feast commended the bridegroom and confessed, “. . . you have kept the good wine until now.”

We must know that even the bridegroom was confused on what happened. If he was asked about the wine, he would not be able to explain where it came from. He was completely dumbfounded by the miracle. Sometimes when we think it is late is when God acts. God is never late. He is just preparing the best for us. We can learn a very vital lesson here. That even in our moments of crisis God is working behind the scene. All we need is just faith and trust that God is in control even when we cannot presently see the results. This was the kind of faith that made this Cana miracle possible in the first place. Mary believed in her son even when his response looked bleak. If we believed just like Mary, we shall get the best wine.  


Lord Jesus, grant us the faith of Mary your mother; that in despairing moments, we may not lose faith in you but believe still. Amen.

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