First Reading: Is 58:9c-14; Psalm: 86. R. v. 11ab; Gospel: Lk 5:27-32



An Invitation to Levi's Table. I've been advocating a new way of… | by Don Ledford | Medium

Lent is not a time to be judgmental. For when we judge, we become blind to our own sins. Lent is also not a time to condemn people but a time to reflect and acknowledge that we too are sinners. Remember that Jesus said, “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” If Jesus only came to save sinners; then those who claim self righteousness have consequently excluded themselves from the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ.

Jesus defied the standard of the religious leaders of his time. Nobody expected him to mingle and dine with sinners and tax collectors. Jesus saw that Levi the tax collector needed salvation and he went in search of him. The Pharisees frowned at this and began to judge the approach of Jesus as wrong. By being judgmental through their self righteous attitude, they placed themselves outside the fold Jesus came to save. It was for this reason Jesus said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.”

The blindest people are those who fail to look through themselves; those who are very quick to claim righteousness without thorough reflection. God is not interested in these people since they have no need of God. But no one can be right to claim self-righteousness. For the Scripture says that whoever claims to have no sin makes God a liar (1Jn 1:10). One beautiful opportunity the period of Lent gives us is that pensive atmosphere to go deep down into ourselves to see how so much we are in need of God’s mercy. We can use this opportunity wisely by acknowledging our shortcomings and asking for God’s mercy.


Lord Jesus, open our eyes and heart to acknowledge our need of your mercy Amen.

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