ST PIUS X, PP. (Memorial) White

Giuseppe Melchore Sarto was born in 1835 and was ordained at the age of 23. After nine years as bishop he was transferred to Venice as the city’s patriarch and cardinal. After the death of Leo XIII the conclave of 1903 elected Cardinal Sarto pope despite his own hesitancy to accept the office. The new pope assumed the name Pius X taking as his motto the passage from Paul, “To restore all things in Christ, that Christ might be all and in all” (I Cor. 15:28). His sorrow over the international conflict that led to Word War I led to his death on August 20, 1914, at the age of 79. He was canonized Saint Pius X on May 31, 1954. He was the first pope in modern times to be canonized. His will read: “I was born poor; I lived poor; I wish to die poor.”​

Memorial of Saint Pius X, Pope (August 21, 2023) - YouTube

First Reading: Jgs 2:11-19; Psalm: 106. R. v. 4ab; Gospel: Mt 19: 16-22



The rich man in the gospel of today went away sad when Jesus asked him to sell all he had and then come and follow him. This was because he loved his wealth more than any other thing and was not ready to let go of them. Jesus knew this and wanted to help him out but obviously he was deeply attached to his wealth and never wanted to lose any of them.

This rich man claimed to have kept all the commandments but failed to give. And it was for this reason that Jesus said to him: “You lack one thing” which is generosity. So Jesus asked him to go and give to the poor. The refusal of this rich man to this command goes against the entire commandment of love of God and neighbour because he loved his wealth more than God which is idolatry. And by refusing to give to those in need, he failed in the love of neighbour also. So by this action he betrayed his claim of truly keeping all the commandments.

Jesus teaches us today that giving is also a sign of love. And there is nothing as beautiful as following the teachings of Jesus which is the way to eternal salvation. Our docility to this message of Jesus that calls us to be generous is a powerful weapon capable of breaking the walls of selfishness which separates us from God and neighbour. So we can ask Jesus today to soften our hearts and fill it with charity and mercy. As the scripture teaches, one of the ways we can build treasures for ourselves in heaven is through love and generous giving. Our riches should not blind us to this divine principle of salvation.


Lord Jesus, help us to be charitable and kind. Amen

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