1st Reading: Acts 2:14. 22-33; Psalm: 16. R. v. 1; Gospel: Mt 28:8-15



They gave the guards a large sum of money as a bribe. – Slide 11

Jesus was killed based on false witness. He was accused of being an impostor, a blasphemer, and a rebel. All these were well planned out and executed by the chief priest and Pharisees. They thought this was the end of Jesus until they heard the breaking news that he is risen after three days of his death and burial. This was in fulfilment to the prophecy of Jesus that he would rise again in three days. On hearing this news, the shame of failure dawned on Jesus’ executors who couldn’t stand to be seen as liars and deceivers. So they bribed the soldiers to tell another lie that Jesus’ body was stolen by his disciples.

It takes courage to admit a mistake. When we realise we have messed up in life based on some clear evidences, the worst choice to make is to refuse the truth that we were wrong all the while. The resurrection of Jesus was a very powerful sign clear enough to prove to the Jews and the religious leaders that Jesus was really the Christ and a prophet. This was because no one has ever prophesied and rose from the dead by his own power. Yet these men suppressed the truth and refused to believe. Their ego was more important to them than growth.

A single lie infects and spreads like bacteria. Once we tell a lie, we should be ready to tell another to cover the former. This vicious circle of lies will continue. We may succeed in deceiving people to believe our lies but definitely not God. One of the beautiful qualities of the scriptures is its potency to expose the lies of our lives. The truth we are scared to face would always be brought before us by the Word of God. And this usually happens in a very precise and impactful manner. Fighting these truths revealed to us by God would only stunt our spiritual growth. When God exposes the dark places of our lives to us, he wants us to admit our mistakes and grow up.     


Risen Christ, make us docile to the truth of your revelations. Amen.

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