First Reading: 1Thes 4:1-8; Psalm: 97. R. v. 12a; Gospel: Mt 25:1-13


BY FR VALENTINE NNAMDI EGBUONU, MSPEditor's Note: Trim Your Lamps My Brethren Dear – Wisconsin Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Jesus continues his warning of his second coming in the gospel of today. In life, there are certain things which cannot be obtained at the last minute. It is too late for a student to start preparation for an exam on the day of the examination. It is too late to acquire a skill which we do not have when there is an urgent need of that skill. Likewise, it is very easy to leave things so late that we find it difficult to prepare ourselves to meet with God.

In the gospel of today, the five wise virgins went with extra oil for their lamps while they waited on the bridegroom; but the other five foolish virgins did not see the need to do the same. By the time the bridegroom arrived at the late hours of the night, the wise virgins were able to keep their lamps burning but the foolish virgins were unable because they ran out of oil. They couldn’t borrow some oil from the wise virgins because they are certain things we cannot borrow in life especially at the last minute. And as they went in search oil, the bridegroom entered and shut them out.

The ‘oil’ in this parable represents our relationship with God which can only be sustained by the life of sanctity. This cannot be borrowed because we all had the time in life to build it. Our oil of sanctity should never run out but keep burning. This parable therefore is a warning to us not to be spiritually laid back because the moment we do so, we will gradually run out of the oil of sanctity and be found wanting in our relationship with God. So we need to be persistent in our spiritual discipline as Christians; otherwise we run the risk of emptying our oil of sanctity and are shut out just like the foolish virgins  


Lord Jesus, help us in our weaknesses that our oil of sanctity may not run out. Amen.

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