ST LEO THE GREAT, PP. D. (Memorial) White

Leo the Great was Pope from 440 – 461 AD. Through his prayers, sanctity, and eloquence, he saved Rome from the invasion of Genseric and Attila the Hun. He called the council of Chalcedon and condemned the following heresies: Nestorianism, Monophysitism, Manichaeism, and Pelagianism. He was a great teacher of the faith and wrote several letters. It was because of his great writings and teachings that he was proclaimed a Doctor of the Church in 1574.

First Reading: Rom 15:14-21; Psalm: 98 R. v. 2b; Gospel: Lk 16:1-8



Pope St. Leo the Great

“Turn in the account of your stewardship, for you can no longer be steward.”(Lk 16:2).

Generally in life, when we are taken unawares we often find it too late to get prepared in a much organised way. Good preparation they say prevents poor performance. So, it is better and safe to be always prepared on important matters and on whatever responsibility entrusted to us. Every human being has the vision to anticipate possibilities. If we were invited for a wedding party for instance, we can anticipate that we could be called upon to pray or propose a toast. Wisdom then behoves us to be prepare for possibilities like this.

We could also evaluate our preparedness on doing the things of God with this insight. The steward in today’s gospel never anticipated that his master would suddenly ask him to turn in the account of his stewardship. His day of reckoning came so suddenly that he began to think of what next to do. The truth is that we would not have the time to right our wrongs when God suddenly asks us to turn in the account of our stewardship. So, it is safer to be prepared for this unpredictable reality. And we can only do this by righteous living.

We can pause a little to peruse our account of stewardship in our various vocations. As priests, religious, teachers, doctors, civil servants, parents, young adults, teenagers, and children; God will judge us all in our various tasks and responsibilities. Every passing day is an opportunity for us to evaluate our dedication, faithfulness and efficiency in the various responsibilities entrusted to us. Our faith as Christians should shine out in all that we do because every opportunity to serve is an opportunity given by God of which we must all account for. If we are conscious of this; we should sit up and always do what is right.  


Lord Jesus, may we be found faithful and ready when you come. Amen.

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