ST PATRICK B. (Feast) White 

He was kidnapped from the British mainland around age 16, and shipped to Ireland as a slave. He had a dream and was commanded to return to Britain in that dream. He studied in monasteries, and became a priest, and a Bishop. He effectively converted Ireland in 33 years. He is known as a great missionary and the patron saint of the Irish. He is the secondary patron of Nigeria.

First Reading: 1Pet 4:7b-11; Psalm: 96. R. v. 3; Gospel: Lk 5:1-11



St. Patrick of Ireland

Peter had toiled all night which was the right time for fishing but caught nothing. He was now washing his nets to go home when Jesus asked him to cast into the deep for a catch. Peter was an expert in fishing but he failed in what he knew how to do best. So it baffled him why this stranger who knew nothing about fishing was commanding him to carry out an effortless exercise. But perhaps Peter should ask him why he caught nothing at night if truly he was an expert. Maybe there was something new he needed to learn. The wisdom of man is foolishness to God (1Cor 1:25). When Peter finally realised this after a great catch, he fell on his knees and said “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”

Indeed, sin is a blinder. Sin makes us blind to what God can do. And this is why we doubt. Doubt is a hindrance to success; and this was what Jesus wanted Peter to overcome. He needed Peter to understand that everything was possible to those who believe. Peter needed to believe in God and not in himself. And eventually Peter submitted by kneeling before Jesus asking for mercy. And when Jesus saw that Peter was ready to put his past behind, he said to him, “Don’t be afraid; henceforth you will be catching men.”

Peter’s encounter with Jesus reveals what becomes of us when we live in sin. Sin can blind us to doubt what God can do. Sin makes us so proud such that we believe so much in ourselves and less in God. And this is why we are afraid to make a leap of faith because we think that nothing is possible when we are not involved. But Jesus wants us to come out of this prison and rely solely on him who can make all things possible. Perhaps the reason we have encountered many failures in our lives was because we trusted so much in ourselves. If we gave God the chance to lead the way, things will work in our favour.  


Lord Jesus, pardon our sins and increase our faith in you. Amen.

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