ST CATHERINE OF SIENA, V.D. (Memorial) White

She had a vision at the age of six where Jesus blessed her. She resisted marriage and became a Dominican tertiary. She was a mystic and a stigmatist and in a vision was united with Christ in a mystical marriage where Christ presented her with a wedding ring. She was a counsellor to Pope Gregory XI and Pope Urban VI. She helped bring peace to her native Siena, to Italy, and to the 14th century Europe. Through her efforts, the Papacy was returned from Avignon to Rome. She was proclaimed Doctor of the Church on 4 October, 1970.

1st Reading: Acts 5:34-42; Psalm: 27. R. v. 4ac; Gospel: Jn 6:1-15



However, a respected Pharisee, Gamaliel, asked that the Apostles were taken  outside. 'Some in the past have claimed to be the Messia… | Jesus, Bible  class, Apostles

It is difficult to suddenly accept all we have known and believed for years as false especially when such belief is the centre that holds every activity we carry out. One thing about truth is its potency to disprove suppositions at any given time. Accepting a newly discovered truth that will falsify the common ideologies of a group is often a hard choice to make. In fact, it takes so much courage for an individual in a group to openly take a stance that opposes the belief system of that group. This was what Gamaliel did.

It was obviously becoming a lost battle fighting this ministry that Jesus started. Although Jesus was dead but his teachings were spreading so fast. The apostles had been warned severally to stop preaching his message but they persisted and were converting thousands into the new fold. By now the Pharisees were beginning to feel that perhaps they were wrong all this while about their position on this new faith but no one had the courage to openly acknowledge this. Finally, one of them called Gamaliel summoned courage and spoke their minds. “We might be opposing God” he said. “So let these men alone.” For the rest of them to agree to this advice meant they also had some doubts inside them but only that the courage was not there to speak up.

Truth is similar to light; it cannot be hidden. Accepting that we were wrong even when it will bring to a collapse all that we have built for years may hurt but it saves us from living in falsehood. When truth is obvious, battling it will only be a frustrating and futile exercise. Our openness to accepting truth is a mark of humility and maturity. There are two obvious lessons in the reaction of Gamaliel. 1. Don’t bottle up some obvious truths even if it will bring you shame. 2. Don’t judge people by your own standard but leave judgment to God.


Lord Jesus, may the light of your truth shine out in our daily lives. Amen.


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